Pasture for Life Beef Boxes + a Giveaway

Our first Beef Boxes will be available this October. We’d love to get your input on what we offer and would be grateful if you could spare two minutes to fill in our short survey. As a thank you for helping with our survey we’re offering you the chance to WIN two fillet stakes.

Our nutrient-dense beef comes from our herd of happy, mob-grazed Hereford cows on our regenerative farm in Stroud. Here at Good Small Farms, our livestock operation aims to mimic nature as much as possible. This means that our animals are pasture-fed on a diverse foraged diet, moving regularly and with long rest periods in between grazings. Not only does this result in a well nourished animal but we also aim to build topsoil and sequester carbon too. No artificial chemicals are applied to our land and we avoid using antibiotics unless it’s essential.

We will be offering three choices of beef box: Small £69, Medium £120 and Large £170. The large box will fill a full tray in a standard freezer. We will make up the beef boxes to have an assortment of cuts with some tweaks possible to tailor for your preferences. The meat will be hung for 21 days to enhance its flavour and tenderness as well as to enable freezing without losing quality. 

You can collect your box directly from the farm, on Wick Street, GL6 7QN or have it delivered for an extra fee of £5 in the local area. We will work on a first come first served basis, so don’t hesitate!

Find out more about how we offset the carbon of our herd here and why Pasture for Life is better for your health and the health of our planet here.

We will build the beef boxes based on the following price list.

Medium boxes will receive a 3% discount and Large boxes will receive a 7% discount on the prices indicated below.

Mince12.00 £/kg
Diced/braising12.00 £/kg
Brisket13.00 £/kg
Topside17.50 £/kg
Fore-rib27.50 £/kg
Rolled-sirloin34.00 £/kg
Fillet55.00 £/kg
Minute steak/stir-fry16.50 £/kg
Bavette17.50 £/kg
Rump27.50 £/kg
Sirloin34.00 £/kg
Rib-eye34.00 £/kg
Fillet55.00 £/kg
Short ribs16.50 £/kg
Osso Bucco12.00 £/kg
Tongue11.00 £/kg
Kidney11.00 £/kg
Liver13.00 £/kg
Fat11.00 £/kg

Our first nutrient-dense Beef Boxes will be available from October. Click here to email Matt if you’d like to be the first to hear or to find out more.