Pasture for Life

We are proud to be Pasture for Life certified. We believe in and have seen the multitude of benefits from the practices that the Pasture for Life certification body endorses. From the animal welfare benefits, the impacts on the local environment and to the health benefits for the end consumer.

What is Pasture for Life?

Pasture for Life certify products so that people can have confidence in what they are buying. The Pasture for Life standards champion the restorative power of grazing animals on 100% pasture to bring a positive impact for biodiversity, carbon, human health and wellbeing, and animal health and welfare. ‘Grass-fed’ is often used as a hollow marketing claim, whereas our Pasture for Life certification means our herd are never fed on any grain or manufactured feed. 

Health Benefits of Pasture-fed Meat

Compared to grain-fed meat, pasture-fed meat has: 

  • Higher in omega-3 fatty acids and more balanced in the ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids.
  • More antioxidants, vitamins, especially vitamins, A and E, and minerals, including calcium, magnesium and potassium.
  • Lower total fat and less saturated fat. 
  • Significantly more of the antioxidant conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), than non-grass-fed beef.
  • According to customers – a great taste, texture, flavour and tenderness. 

Further details can be found here.

Better for the Planet

Our grazing system encourages life above and below the earth by maintaining the living soil and feeding the ecosystem. During the growing season our herd mob graze just the tops of the sward and leave or trample what remains. Our herd remain outside throughout the year. Grassland helps capture and store carbon while grazing animals return nutrients and organic matter back to the ground. 

Prioritising Animal Welfare

Our Pasture for Life farming practices mean our animals live naturally, in harmony within nature and surrounded by their family group or mob. They feed on a diverse, foraged diet and are naturally more resilient. Our happy herd are cared for by Matt and Eric. Matt regularly moves the herd and shares pictures and videos of their antics on our social media.

Is Our Beef Organic?

We follow organic farming practices and are currently in the two-year process of achieving our Soil Association certification. You can find more details here.

Where to buy our Pasture for Life Beef

For our price list and to order our Pasture for Life beef please email Matt.

For more information on these practices and the benefits, take a look at the biodiversity case study for our farm on the Pasture for Life website here.