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Our market garden

12 acres of potential

We’ve dedicated 12 acres of Hammonds Farm to our market garden. That is a lot, and we won’t be working it all to start with! We have 20 beds of annuals using Zerodig principles as well as some more Zerodig beds for perennials. At the beginning of our 2023 season we added 3 large polytunnels to the existing smaller one. The smaller one is going to be used predominantly for propagation and the three larger ones for fantastic quantities of tomatoes, herbs, winter salads and a few experimental crops.

Stuart and Athene run the market garden together bringing some deep and varied growing experience and a whole lot of enthusiasm too. Fran has been wwoofing with us for longer than expected – such a calming presence with a Mary Poppins effect on the whole team, we don’t know where we would be without her delicious cakes!

Photo credit: George Withington

Stroud Veg Bag & Box Subscriptions

Try one one of our Stroud veg bags – for £15 per week you can enjoy 6-10 seasonal, chemical-free, local, delicious and nutritious varieties of vegetable. You can order a one-off box or subscribe. If you subscribe you can easily pause or cancel your subscription at anytime.

We’ll include something extra in your first bag as a thank you. To sign up, please click here.

As it is all our own produce, we will continue the veg bags as long as we can into the winter but it won’t be an all year round thing. We hope to get to the end of November but sometimes the weather is not with us and we need to finish sooner! As our garden develops we will aim to extend this season by both starting earlier and ending later.

Stroud Farmers Market

We have a stall at Stroud Farmers Market. It is great to be part of this thriving community of traders, local customers and visitors. The market officially runs from 9am until 2pm although keen customers are already there by 8am!


If you are interested in getting your hands in the soil and growing delicious food, as well as getting a free workout, but don’t know where to start, perhaps volunteering with us on a Wednesday is for you? If you are interested to learn more, please get in touch with Eric (

Wwoofers wanted!

We are looking to host a wwoofer each summer. If you are interested, or know someone who might be, please check out the details here.