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Our market garden

Acres of Potential

Stuart and Athene run our market garden. Together they bring deep and varied growing experience and a whole lot of enthusiasm. We have 34 beds of annuals using no dig principles as well as more no dig beds for perennials, four polytunnels and tilled plots.

Our aim is to bring delicious, nutritious and affordable vegetables to the local community. 

We have lots of plans for this year including new veg bags and an honesty shop and we’ll be back at Stroud Farmers’ Market in the spring.

Organic Certified Veg

We’ve been following organic farming principles from the very start and were awarded our Soil Association organic certification in May.

Photo credit: George Withington

Delicious and More Nutritious

The health of our soil is fundamental to the health of our planet and its inhabitants. In the short time we have been working the land, we have seen dramatic changes to the soil and the life below ground. We monitor the soil across the farm using Soilmentor and have seen real improvements including worm and microbe activity much deeper in the soil. Our aim is to grow seasonal, organic vegetables that are more delicious and nutritious.

No Dig

We follow no dig practices in some of our market garden. No dig is a low-impact growing system that has been created to work with nature and the biology of the soil to produce a high output of nutrient-rich crops. No dig is inspired by the way things work in the natural world, with a focus on developing and maintaining the health of the soil. If ground is not dug or ploughed, its good bacteria, fungi and amoeba naturally create a more nutrient-dense growing medium that encourages biodiversity. This helps the veg in our market garden to thrive but also creates a haven for birds, bees, beetles and other insects, and worms. The worms are key fertility builders and so the cycle continues.

Stroud Veg Boxes

Our veg bags are back! We offer three bag sizes, packaged in reusable tote bags, to suit different household sizes and budgets. We have expanded our pick-up points, bags can now be collected from: Hammonds Farm on Wick Street, The Long Table in Brimscombe, The Prince Albert in Rodborough and Meadows in Painswick. We’re also hoping to offer home delivery in the future. If you’d like to suggest a pick-up point, or have any ideas or suggestions for creating your ideal local organic veg bag, please email Athene. For updates on what is happening in the market garden and across the farm, you can sign up for our newsletter here.


If you are interested in getting your hands in the soil and growing delicious food, as well as getting a free workout, perhaps volunteering with us on a Wednesday is for you? If you are interested to learn more, please get in touch with Athene (

Wwoofers Wanted

We are looking to host a wwoofer each summer. Wwoof (Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms), aims to link visitors with organic farmers to promote educational and cultural exchange. If you are interested, or know someone who might be, please check out the details here or get in touch with Athene here.