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Tree Nursery & Orchard

Tree Nursery & Orchard

Jessie and Eric have now started a tree nursery. We won’t be selling millions of trees a year but instead are concentrating on three types: broadleaves with local provenance, walnuts, and soft fruit bushes. Our trees and bushes will be organically certified ensuring that those who believe in organic principles (such as not spraying herbicides, fungicides and pesticides as well as avoiding synthetic fertiliser) can also make that choice when buying plants and trees for their gardens as well as food.

We have also replanted our traditional orchard with a wide range of apple varieties, added 20 acres of agroforestry (hazels, walnuts, plums and pears in our pasture) and around 1,000 soft fruit bushes. These should start providing a harvest this year.

We have more plans up our sleeves and still plenty of planting to do. If you are interested in learning more, or helping out, please do get in touch: